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What’s a bear without its black marks? He’s just another member of the Ursidae family… and yet, this spirit bear is rare too.  He might not be a living fossil like the Ailuropoda, but he is rarer than a panda and even more rare than a panda in China. Don’t trade him for anything, not even for peace between men.

Canadian Kermode Bear


A Second King

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Another cheetah from the King of Speed series.

Kings 2

detail of original ink drawing

original and his first descendant

The image reproduction technique I used for this piece was a transparency transfer. It requires documentation of the original, an inkjet print on a transparency, matte medium and a spoon to burnish the image onto the paper. Visually, I really like how this method reveals the pigment the printer uses to reproduce a black ink drawing, and also how the matte medium rips the transferred image. It truly distorts the original make up of the cheetah and deteriorates the copies of him.


Angry Party

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This bear was fighting another but really he just wants to know that he’s good enough for his lady bear. He would like to go dancing with her! Fighting or dancing, crying or laughing, all the same they demand similar contractions and grace from our bodies.

pink nail polish

I took a fencing class for a semester in university. In theory, sword fighting shares many customs with dancing- the footwork, assessing the reasonable reaction to your partner’s movement, determining who should lead, the perspiration and the strong emotions.



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Capillary action is only one of the phenomenons of water. Water can be intricate and fleeting itself and yet mercilessly ravage our own delicate works. Whether water goes with gravity or against it, does evil or good, it will have no emotion.

Japanese Macaque

Unlike these Japanese snow monkeys. Linear description of them is threatened after a superficial meeting with water.

against gravity

The design of water dictates that things get lost and exquisite works revert to mush. The clip that stuck with me the most has been the houses ripped and submerged by the tsunami. My condolences to the victims in Japan who have lost their dear homes and are experiencing such violent heartbreak.

Sadly, also to the dolphins that were trapped in their sea pens and crushed against the rocks as fierce tides rose and fell repeatedly in Taiji.



Not in distress

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Damselfish are supposed to be ideal for a new aquarium,  as they produce good bacteria, are quite disease resistant and easily adapt to new watery worlds. They also come in various colours and patterns, as long as you like heart shaped tails.  They’re more like demoiselles, just young ladies ready for anything. Actually, they are aquarium compatible with a fish called “dragonet”.

I love dragons

And incompatible with clownfish.


White Boxes

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This lion-tailed macaque is so unfortunate. He cannot stand people and he is highly territorial. So the French countryside is not really his cup of tea.

get me out of here!

Actually, South India is no cup of tea either, because those tea farms are not pleasant monkey homes. No territory here, no territory there. Miserable thing! This is why he is so mad.


Hey you hey you!

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Please come to the Toronto Art Expo and see me and my ANIMALSSSS!!!!!!!!!


Where: Metro Convention Centre – 255 Front Street W, Toronto

When: April 14-17, 2011

April 14: 6-10PM

April 15: 1-9PM

April 16: 10 AM- 9 PM

April 17: 10 AM- 6PM

Booth: I don’t know yet, but when I do I will post

Why: My first ever Canadian exhibition!

What: Ink, paintings and graphite

Hope to see friends! I will post more details as they become available.

click for enlargement!



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My friends look like me!

Best friend vulturine pheasants

That should be a compliment, right?