Soft Squeal

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Striped hyena cub

gives the sweetest smooches!



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They swagger with confidence and grace!

Octopuses have neurons not only in their brain, but in their tentacles as well.They have been observed using tools, playing, escaping from tanks and are so intelligent that they are not allowed to be experimented on without the use of anesthetics. BBC’s Life has a segment on the female giant octopus who has just mated for the first time and looks for a good hideout for her offspring. She lays her eggs and carefully monitors them by caressing them with her tentacles. She does this until they are ready to hatch, and she dies of starvation. I am quite touched because the mama was really conscious of what she was focusing on. She probably knew she was dying. It would be operatic if she didn’t realise she was expiring.

The blue ringed octopus is the group with venom powerful enough to kill humans. It changes from a light brown to a brilliant yellow and blue polka dot when it is secreting its venom (you can fast forward to around 1:25 to see the show!) CLICK HERE TO SEEEEEE

Away we go!

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Maybe my favourite.


The Artist Project

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Hi Guys, I am thrilled to be exhibiting at The Artist Project this March!

click for detail

Ignore the “Christine Lau” in the header, it’s really me! The Artist Project is organised by the same group as the One of a Kind Show and the Toronto International Art Fair. I went last year and thoroughly enjoyed the show. The artists were young, and if not young they were hip :). More details to follow, going back to work now!


Wolf kiss

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Beautiful arctic wolf. She has really yellow eyes.

two years old



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Happy Holidays!

Presents that make little fireworks when opened.

Craft paper, spray adhesive, and glitter! And then ribbons, yarn, or yarn and twine braided for the strings…and then painted on tags and polka dots!

Happy new year everyone!