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To be made and designed purely for another type of existence and to one day have it fall from the sky without really knowing what it means.


Red Garden

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Beautiful day to float around red coral! I think it’s pretty neat that red is the first colour to disappear under water, but red coral is only found at deep depths. Red coral has been used as decoration for centuries, which makes me think of them as invisible sunken treasure. One of the things I find fascinating about marine life is its many illusions, especially disappearing (like vanishing squids in a cloud of black ink and the blue ringed octopus that suddenly appears to poison its victim).

Unfortunately, my documentation  didn’t capture the silver highlights I did for the argonaut and jellyfish, but I guess that’s another optical illusion!

These two took forever to get done the way I wanted. Lots of experimenting and ruining things at home, but I love them!



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Hi guys! The Artist Project is in a few days! Here’s an e-invite:

Click for:



ARTIST GALLERY <– lots of great work by other artists! You can find my profile in the drawing section

I’ll also be one of the stops for the Art Walks, which are lead by the docents there. They’ll take you around to different artists and you can hear about them talk about their art! Sign up is at Guest Services.

Thanks for all the support!



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The phoenix is a symbol of immortality in its renewal and is suitably made of fire, as flames destroy but also cleanse. A phoenix identifies a true king with its passing shadow, so too can a fire reveal an element by enduring a flame test.

Boron, one of the solar system’s rarest elements, for example, turns a brilliant green. Phoenixes are an ancient myth, but by designing a phoenix made of a real element, it can be a metaphor for its traces and history with human use. Boron has been known to humans since AD300, first used as a glaze for ceramics. Since its first uses, boron has reinvented itself in various applications, such as glass, tank armour, bullet proof vests, shielding in nuclear reactors, MRI devices, participation in the compound that makes our strongest magnet and outer spacecrafts. It has low toxicity to humans but is essential for all life as it strengthens cell walls in plants.

Like boron, we have an idea of a phoenix’s properties and beginning, but they both exist in our daily lives in small, mysterious marks.


On my way

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Just finished printing this guy last night!

At last, he finally looks like a blue ringed octopus in a crazy ocean.


Feeling hot!

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I like boys with dark hair, and lots of it.

I agree with the lionesses! The males with the voluminous dark manes are striking. The darker his hair, the better his health and the higher the level of testosterone.  Under the African sun, however, it can take its toll. They are more easily spotted in the golden grass while hunting, and the heat increases the likelihood of abnormal sperm.

Sexual selection drives males to spend more of their resources on growing or maintaining these extravagant physical assets. In the same way, we value elaborate decorations, such as gold embroidery. Beauty is ridiculous, but it’s in our nature to appreciate  and be obsessed with it.

It persuades us to use extensive funds and labour to produce it, but it’s much more pleasurable looking at it than being or supplying it.

pant pant pant!

Somecat gimme a drink!