Contemporary Verse 2

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Belgian Emu is featured on the cover for this spring issue of CV2, the Canadian journal of poetry and critical writing. This issue is “Poetry Only” (volume 35 issue 4), and includes the winning poems that won the 2012 2-Day Poem Contest. You can find the Winnipeg-based literary journal all over Canada, including Book City and the University of Toronto Bookstore.

Special thank-you to Melody, the Production and Design coordinator. It’s so cool to see the emu as a cover boy!



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The second piece from my Replicators series.

The Replicator series, Animal Citizens, King of Speed, Doe series and other pieces are still installed in The Spoke Club (600 King Street West) with Navillus Gallery (110 Davenport Road)! Please stop by sometime to drink and eat 🙂


For Life

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Oil study on gold and silver leaf

This is a fennec fox.

They mate for life!