Black Cat

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Opening Reception for “Endlings” at Navillus Gallery, 110 Davenport Road, is from 6-8pm, April 17th. The exhibition will run until May 22!


Pastels and Neon

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A new piece for a new show at Navillus Gallery!



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I painted thank-you cards. One flap has a message and the other is a lil painting!



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Emus, like Belgian lace, are a very special kind. She is a flightless bird, although affords the splendorous luxury of loose feathers. Certainly she is one to appreciate the extravagance of handmade lace from Brussels. She has a good eye for these delicacies and, like the rest of her species, very much enjoy observing human activity, particularly one that is also endemic to its own country.

I like to swallow rocks to make food even finer


P.S. Come say hello at the Toronto Art Expo from April 14-17! I will be exhibiting and selling original work (although I also have made an edition of four prints!). Other friends that will be there are Birds on a Wire, Doe, Cheetahs, Beastly, Bull Terriers, angry dancers, and elusive lions!

info for how to get there and stuff:


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What’s a bear without its black marks? He’s just another member of the Ursidae family… and yet, this spirit bear is rare too.  He might not be a living fossil like the Ailuropoda, but he is rarer than a panda and even more rare than a panda in China. Don’t trade him for anything, not even for peace between men.

Canadian Kermode Bear


White Boxes

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This lion-tailed macaque is so unfortunate. He cannot stand people and he is highly territorial. So the French countryside is not really his cup of tea.

get me out of here!

Actually, South India is no cup of tea either, because those tea farms are not pleasant monkey homes. No territory here, no territory there. Miserable thing! This is why he is so mad.



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Millefleurs gardens are the dwellings of exotic animals like the unicorn or lion. Wild red foxes, albeit cunning and smooth talkers, are not so welcome in these French tapestries.

Perhaps a foreign Tibetan fox is exotic enough to be let in?

Tibetan Fox in Millefleurs Tapestry

(As an unrelated note, I think Tibetan foxes look a lot like Richard Gere!)


A royal visit

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Here comes a living hieroglyph on a trip to Italy, although she’s not as well liked or sacred in Europe.

She'll be staying here around June

Little story about these birdies

A long time ago hoopoes were killed for their crests made of gold. The birds pleaded King Solomon for help, and so he changed their golden crests to feathers.


I’m exotic

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Unlike some of the deities in Ancient Egypt, eclectus parrots exhibit clear sexual dimorphism. In New Guinea, her red colouration camouflages well in her nest, while he lives near the green treetops to forage. In Egypt, perhaps they are the mortals of animals.

An Egyptian New Guinea Species, 9x12"

(This is the first of a series I am working on! There’s more of ’em coming!)